With the release of the official Mario Maker bookmark website MarioMakerHub no longer has a purpose. The worst part is Nintendo has been making it exceedingly difficult for us to verify levels using Miiverse posts. This means the website can no longer function as normal.

We again want to thank everyone for being part of this community. Sorry we couldn't do better.

Super Mario Maker is receiving a large update on the 22nd of December. An official Nintendo web portal is coming along with three new course elements!

  • Fiery Koopa Clown Car that can shoot fireballs straight ahead.
  • P Switch activated doors.
  • Rubber ring that players can bounce off.

We want to thank everyone for being part of this community. We had high hopes and a lot of ideas planned. But once the official web portal was announced by Nintendo it made this project rather redundant and useless.

A new Super Mario Maker update is coming November 4th. Checkpoints and conditional power-ups are being added along with a few other features. Check out the video or the official press release below for more information.

Official Press Release

"With the addition of mid-level checkpoints, users now have the option to add flags to their levels, allowing players to start at the selected point if they lose a life – rather than having to start over at the beginning of the level. Players can choose to edit and re-upload their own levels, or create new levels from scratch using this feature. Shaking an arrow sign item from the course parts palette will allow you to place a checkpoint flag.

Following the update, players can also insert power-ups that are dependent on Mario’s status. For example, by attaching a Super Mushroom to a Fire Flower and placing it inside a block, Mario will receive the Super Mushroom when he is small, and the Fire Flower when he is large.

The software update also introduces Event Courses in the game’s Course World online hub. Event Courses will feature levels from partner creators outside Nintendo. One of the first Event Courses will be “Ship Love,” the winning level from the “hackathon” event that was held at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park earlier this year. Facebook is the first outside partner in the United States to design a level for Super Mario Maker; employees had the opportunity to design and present their creations to a panel of judges before the winning level was selected.

The level that was featured in the final round of the Omegathon event at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo event will also be available for players to experience shortly after the update goes live. New Event Courses will be added to the listing on an ongoing basis, some of which may even feature new Mystery Mushroom transformations. Additionally, a new Official Makers section in Course World will be added after downloading the update, featuring specially selected courses, including some created by Nintendo."

Note: This is a very early version and new features will be added.

You can now create and share playlists of levels. Created a series of levels that all follow a theme? Just want to share a list of puzzle levels you like from other creators? The worlds section is for you. Create any type of playlist you want!

They come with three options for visibility.

  • Public - Accessible to everyone and is displayed on the worlds page.
  • Unlisted - Anyone with the URL can view the world. However the world is not publicly listed anywhere on the website.
  • Private - Only you can view it.

You can create a new world directly on the worlds page. To add a level to your world simply visit the levels page and click the "add to" button. You can add any level on the website to your world. You do not have to be the levels creator. The order of the levels can be changed while editing your world and the first four levels are used to create the thumbnail.

You can now delete and restore levels in your account dashboard.

We have also reached over 5,000 levels in the database. Thanks everyone for submitting your levels!